Sunday, June 14, 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 25

Lunch: leftover salad from BBQ 
Dinner: sandwich, at cake decorating course
Lunch: sandwich – only have 10 mins before going to the primary school where I am a reading volunteer
Dinner: schnitzel with sauerkraut
Lunch: leftover pasta or salad
Dinner: Out with a friend who moved to Australia and I haven’t seen in years, plus by best blogging friend – I can’t wait!
Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: At a colleague’s leaving drinks as she is moving to Australia, funnily enough
Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: I’m determined to make good use of our expensive Weber barbecue so have decided we will try to BBQ once a week during the week, then ideally at the weekend as well. As I’m out a lot this week and the forecast for Tues isn’t great, I think tonight will work – but as we are also having a BBQ tomorrow I don’t want to do the same thing! So tonight I will do tuna from this recipe and a steak for my boyfriend as he doesn’t eat fish.
Lunch: Chicken and fennel salad for me from Waitrose magazine; bacon sandwich for him
Dinner: BBQ
Lunch: With my parents for Fathers’ Day
Dinner: Either on a train, or something quick as I will be home late


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